Safeway Careers: Your Future Starts Now

Taking a look at the Safeway career website, you will see how it boasts about being one of the largest supermarket chains in North America, with more than one thousand stores in the United States and Canada combined. It is understandable how they have consistently ranked so high as one of America’s retailers. They have countless success stories involving workers who started at the entry-level and worked their way up the retail store and corporate ladder. Just two years ago, they ranked number four in the “Top 75 North American Retailers” of 2011. You can see for yourself at

Safeway careers offer countless job opportunities with plenty of variety and they place much emphasis on making sure their employees are well taken care of. This becomes extremely important for job applicants looking for stability. It’s a much more enjoyable ride when you know you can show up to work, take pride in your position, and know you are working for a company that truly appreciates your talents.

Why Choose Careers at Safeway When Many Other Jobs Are Available Elsewhere?

There are many reasons why Safeway careers are one of the most sought after positions in the retail business. Here are some of them:

  1. Safeway is a reputable company that practices being a responsible corporate citizen to improve the quality of life of their employees as well as the community that surrounds them.
  2. They value their employees’ hard work, dedication, and contribution to the company’s progress, and they continually look for ways to reward them.
  3. Its employees enjoy a competitive salary and reasonable compensation, attractive benefits, and remarkable rewards for their outstanding work performance in the company.
  4. Employees have the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a professional. The company provides various programs and training for the employees’ development personally and professionally.
  5. The employees work environment is energetic and enterprising and one that appreciates each employee’s uniqueness and individual characteristics.

What Will I Find On The Official Safeway Careers Website?

Safeway careers offer plenty of opportunities for anyone to get a head start in their work lives.It’s always a great idea to research any company before you apply, so we recommend you do the same before you even consider filling out your Safeway careers application. Their website will completely guide you into gaining insight on how the company operates, their mission statement, and the many different positions and career paths to choose from.

Careers at Safeway not only provide you with opportunities for advancement in your career but personal growth as well. A Safeway careers application is easy to fill out and submit, and here is a taste of the available jobs they offer:

  1. Retail:
  • Store Management
  • Store Positions
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Patient Care Technician
  1. Pharmacy:
  • Technicians and Assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Managers
  1. Home Delivery:
  • Driver
  • Management
  • General Warehouse
  • Office Support
  • Management
  • Non-Management
  • Office Support
  1. Distribution and Manufacturing
    • Huge variety of positions available as hourly or salaried employees
  2. Corporate

By landing one of the many Safeway careers, you will not just work to earn a paycheck; you will be able to build your own successful career through planning and work performance. The company provides professional growth opportunities ,second to none, in our opinion, and they continually strive to help their employees with personal development whether they are a new employee or an established one. The company continuously encourages their employees to better themselves in their chosen field and improve their skills and abilities for their success and the success of the company as well.

What is The Minimum Age To Work At Safeway?

You have to be at least 16 years old to fill out a Safeway careers application with the hopes of getting hired but keep in mind, if you are not an adult, you will have to adhere to your state’s policy as far as employment laws for minors. You will, without a doubt, be able to hold down a part-time job as a minor but you will not be allowed to work a full-time job.  Parents should stay attentive and always make certain their kids’ jobs are not interfering with their school grades.

How Do I Fill Out a Safeway Careers Application?

Simply visit their official website (link above in the first paragraph), look over the jobs that interest you, register for free online, and fill out and submit your application. It sounds so simple, and that part really is, but there is more to getting hired than just submitting your Safeway careers application.

You need to realize you’re facing hundreds of applicants trying to get the same job you are, regardless of the position you are going after. What does this mean for you? Basically, it means you’re going have to put forth extra effort in trying to get noticed and not end up being just another name on a piece of paper. There are ways to do this, such as; visiting the stores in person, introducing yourself, and leaving your contact information so they know who you are once you apply online and begin following up on your Safeway careers application.

Don’t think for one second that by meeting and speaking with the important and key role players in any company you won’t have an advantage over anybody else. You absolutely will! Think about it. If you were the manager of a Safeway store or the hiring manager in human resources, would you rather hire someone you knew or somebody you knew nothing about? We think the answer to that question is easy.

Remember, to better understand the process of application, you can just visit the company’s website or browse through the Safeway Careers website and look for the offered jobs that will suit your qualifications, interests, and experiences for a much more comprehensive idea of the company.

Careers at Safeway may just be the answer to what you are looking for.  Your career plans are solely dependent on you; you alone can decide for yourself if you want to merely connect with a stable job to pay the bills or if you want to move up the ladder of success by pushing yourself to work hard and flourish. Nevertheless, if you want to see and feel the progress you have been looking for, a Safeway careers application can take you where you want to go. So why wait? Now is the right time for you to take one step further in building a wonderful career!

Safeway Job Application Facts and Information

A Safeway job application can mean the difference between being happy earning a nice salary versus being a little or very disgruntled while earning a measly paycheck working in the retail business. Safeway, Inc. is one of the companies recognized by the “Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies” of 2012. The company is innovative and also provides a healthy and energetic working environment for their employees. By being one of the biggest retail industries in North America, Safeway careers are offered by a company that ensures their place of business is customer-oriented and a haven for their employees.  They provide their employees with good salaries, excellent benefits and guarantee the enhancement and growth of their employees professionally and personally.

A Safeway Job Application Online Is Easy to Fill Out

The job application for Safeway is available online for easy access. Anyone anywhere can apply directly in the company’s website. Accessibility is key to immediate hiring process nowadays. Thanks to the evolution of technology today, with the internet access, job hunting, and job application is easy as one, two, and three.

A Safeway job application starts with choosing the right job that suits your qualifications and experiences. There are many choices of jobs from the following departments such as:

  • Retail – Store Management and Store Positions
  • Pharmacy – Pharmacy Technician and Patient Care Technician
  • Home Delivery – Driver
  • Distribution – Management, General Warehouse and Office Support
  • Manufacturing – Management, Non-Management and Office Support
  • Transportation, Military and Corporate

All you have to do is choose the department you wish to apply to and start the application process by following the instructions and procedures carefully. You can visit their website for more details about their job hiring and career opportunities so you have an idea of the job to pursue with a Safeway job application online.

The policy of the company is to provide employment, advance training, great compensation, promotions, excellent benefits, and other circumstances of employment without discrimination to one’s color, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, marital status or any other legally and constitutionally protected status.

A Safeway job application online is extremely easy to fill out for someone without any Internet experience whatsoever.The following steps are the general procedures in Safeway job application:

  1. Select your location, your age, and then search for the position you want to apply for. Alternatively, you can also start your job application by using search fields through keywords that will review the current availability of jobs being offered.
  2. You have to create a new profile if you are a first time applicant or a new user, or login if you are a returning applicant or user. Make sure to remember your username and password.
  3. Fill out the Safeway job online application form. Be sure to proofread before hitting the ‘submit’ button. Also, complete the application form without any errors or mistakes so that you can be considered for the application. On the other hand, you can also paste your curriculum vitae or resume searching for positions that matches your qualifications and experiences.
  4.  Remember to log out once you have finished the job application process to protect your personal identity. In addition, after ten minutes of inactivity, the system will time out your session automatically.
  5. Follow up and update your Safeway job application frequently.

A Job Application For Safeway Includes A Drug Screening

Safeway, Inc. promotes a drug-free workplace so it is mandatory for all applicants who are offered any position to undergo and pass a pre-employment drug test before anyone will be hired.

Moreover, Safeway, Inc. warns the job seekers that they do not ask for a fee for prospective applicants in order for them to have a position in the company. Safeway, Inc. does not have any affiliation with any contractors or agencies to ask for a fee on their behalf. So to all the job seekers out there, be cautious and be practical. Your future awaits you through a Safeway job application!